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You can now Subscribe to our YouTube channel by using the widget below! I'm also going to be making Facebook Icons of My Ghost Sister & Me that you can use as your profile picture

   20.10.2010  |   COMPETITION NOW CLOSED

Ok, the first competition is now closed. I'm not sure what happened, but nobody took part despite many asking how to enter...Deffinately confusing. Anyway, there will be another one soon, but for now here is EPISODE 5 PART 2

   17.10.2010  |   COMPETITION - ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT

If you haven't entered already, go to the Competitions page for details on how to enter and get sharing the video, as the competition ends in 3 Days

   15.10.2010  |   NEW FORUMS

I've just opened a new Forums so you can chat with each other about My Ghost Sister & Me and all sorts of other things.
I figured this would be more useful than the chatbox as that can only display a certain amount of messages before they dissapear and as people are asking me questions I might not always see them.
Anyway...Head on over and check it out. Signing up is really quick and easy - see you there!

   14.10.2010  |   SEASON 2 IS HERE!

Here is a quick access for the video, but it's also listed under Season 2 on the Videos Page :)

   10.10.2010  |   Episode 5 Part 1 in 2 days!

Season 2 starts this Saturday so make sure you're one of the first to see it and Subscribe to http:/www.youtube.com/love4musicuk :)

   8.10.2010  |   Season 2 Teaser Trailer!

   7.10.2010  |   UPDATE

I've updated the Interviews page with a new Interview video - check it out!

   5.10.2010  |   COMPETITION!

Make sure to check out the Competitions page for the upcoming Competition were you can win a necklace like Amy gives to Rosie!

   4.10.2010  |   Welcome!

Welcome to the new Website for My Ghost Sister & Me. Don't forget to Sign the Guestbook before you leave and enjoy your visit!


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