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The story of My Ghost Sister & Me follows a girl named Rosie Jenkins who has always felt something was missing from her life...and one day she found out exactly what that 'something' was - her Sister. Rosie discovered she has a sister, a sister who was unlike any other: a Sister who is a Ghost.
With over 130,000 views on YouTube, and a TV feature this show has a lot of success under its belt.


My Ghost Sister & Me is a story that follows a family named the Jenkins.
It began with Rosie Jenkins discovering she had a sister, but she wasn't the typical sister, she was a Ghost.
Rosie always knew something was missing from her life, but couldn't recall what. Amy, her sister, died at the age 5 in a tragic accident, and ever since that day Rosie had a mental block because it was such a traumatic event...this is why she couldn't remember her sister.
Once Rosie found out about her sister, she told her mum, Susan, but Susan has never gotten past the death of her daughter, Amy, because she blames herself for Amy's death, so when Rosie told Susan, things didn't go too well and both Susan and Rosie ended up being upset.
Rosie kept on insisting that she's seen her sisters ghost, but Susan didn't believe her. It was only after the two sisters came up with a plan to prove to Susan that Amy is a ghost, she believed her. From then on Rosie, Amy and Susan grew closer together, and Rosie and Amy's relationship continued to grow and nourish...Over time Rosie learned she is what is called a "Seer" - someone who is able to see and talk to the dead, and such gift is both a blessing and a curse to Rosie, as it has now opened her up to dangerous things.

How it happened

The idea came about on the Anniversary of my brother's death.
My niece slept over that night and we were going make a Comedy/Horror video, so she came up with this idea that there could be a Ghost in the bedroom...and from there an idea emerged, so I came up with a name. Once the name was chosen I had this idea of a ghost and her sister, so I started writing the Script, and then we filmed the first episode that same night. The story immediately gripped my emotions as I were writing from my own experience in life, and because of this I started to cry. The first episode is about Rosie finding out she has a sister who's a Ghost, and Amy (the ghost) wants to see her sister again as she has missed her. They then hug and Amy dissapears because her mum shouted Rosie. The one thing I would love is to see my brother again, as I'm sure anyone would want to see their loved ones who have passed away. My brother died in 2005, and Sadly he isn't the only loss I've had to go through. I also lost my auntie in 2004.
The main storyline of My Ghost Sister & Me is much of what I've experienced and witnessed from those around me at the loss of my brother and Aunt and because of this it rings very true to life's situations that we find ourselves in when someone we love passes away.

Creator/Writer/Director/Camera man/Editor

Jason O'connell


Jason O'connell


Heather O'Connell as Rosie & Amy Jenkins & Kate Evans
Jason O'Connell as Susan Jenkins & Nick Jenkins
Brianna Lynn as Alison Gemmerson (Season 2)
Meosha Bean as Alison Gemmerson (Season 3)
Dominic O'Connell as The Dark Ones (Season 2 and 3)
Leon Ward as Justin Jenkins
Jack Elm as Jacob Taylor (Season 3)
Ann O'connell as Mary Smith (Season 3)
Stevie Andrew as Andrew Walker (Season 3)
Hannah Wilson as Young Susan (Season 3)
Nicola O'connell as Julie Burkins (Season 3)

Well I hoped you enjoyed reading a bit about the show, and thanks for taking the time to read it :)
Feel free to have a look around the website at the other content and maybe even watch the Episodes some more? :D


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