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THE FINAL SEASON (Currently Broadcasting)

EPISODE 1 "Surprise"

Susan & Amy plan a Surprise birthday party for Rosies 15th birthday

EPISODE 2 "What Was Then"

We have a glimpse into the past and see what life was like before Amy's death, and we see how her death tore the family apart.

EPISODE 3 "A Visit From The Past"

An old friend from Susan's past comes looking for her in need of help, but can she help the ghost settle his unfinished business and find peace?

EPISODE 4 "The Sleepover"

Amy and Rosie have their first fight when Rosie invites her friend for a sleepover, but Amy causes some Ghostly trouble!

EPISODE 5 "Spirit Away"

Rosie spends the weekend at her dads house, but something isn't quite right when she's awoken by paranormal activity, but who's the ghost causing it?

EPISODE 6 "Truth"

Nick has been keeping secrets from the girls, and from Susan, but what is he hiding, and why?

EPISODE 7 "Amends"

Nick tells Susan about Justin, how he died, and how he can also see Amy. In this episode we also learn how Susan is able to see ghosts.

EPISODE 8 "Reunited"

Amy and Rosie form a plan to get Susan and Nick back together, but things go horribly wrong when Nick turns up at the house and see's Susan with another man.

EPISODE 9 "Out Of Sight"

Rosie has an accident and ends up in hospital. She awakens to not being able to see Amy, but although she is unable to see spirits she can hear them, and she hears something lurking, watching her.

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