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Where it all began. Hit the lights, Full screen mode and turn up the volume!

EPISODE 1 "The Meeting"

Rosie meets Amy for the first time when they share a warm moment that awakens a sense of familiarity in Rosie

EPISODE 2 "A Plan is Formed"

After learning of the horrific way Amy died, Rosie tells her mum that she knows about Amy, but things end in an argument and both end up upset.

EPISODE 3 "Guilty"

Amy tells Rosie about her childhood memories, and the two sisters get to know eachother and bond some more. Together they come up with a plan to prove to their mum that Amy really is a Ghost

EPISODE 4 "Goodbye" - The Season Finale

With Amy now in Rosie's body, Amy proves to the girls mum that she is a Ghost. The three of them share a very touching moment before Amy has to go into the Light...but has she crossed over?

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